The primary purpose of economic development is to maintain and grow a healthy economy through business attraction, retention, and development activities. Regional-level economic development adds a critical dimension to these city and state economic development efforts in three different ways:

Activities that increase understanding and recognition of the region.
Activities that take advantage of a regional scale network.
Functions that are more efficiently handled by one central organization.

The product of the unique opportunities and challenges of the East Bay – The East Bay Economic Development Alliance (East Bay EDA) is a next-generation, cross-sector membership organization dedicated to growing the economy from the inside out. Working with the world-class companies, leading research institutions, passionate community organizations, small business leaders, and forward thinking local government agencies that constitute our membership, East Bay EDA represents the collective identity of the East Bay and the special power of a fully functional regional partnership.

East Bay EDA has over 20 years of leadership and collaborative history, serving Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. With economic globalization and the increasing importance of technical innovation to economic competitiveness, economists have identified the ability of regional institutions to keep up with the rapidly changing industry needs as a key to economic success. Focused on creating a thriving business climate, East Bay EDA is the vehicle through which East Bay leaders collaborate to achieve their shared goal of a healthy, vibrant economy to create and sustain quality jobs.