About East Bay Economic Development Alliance


Committees and Councils of East Bay EDA are led by members of East Bay EDA, usually serving on the East Bay EDA Executive Committee. Members of Committees may be non-East Bay EDA members who bring specific knowledge and resources appropriate to the purpose of their respective Committees. Committees and Councils may identify specific work projects that are directed to work groups and task forces managed by East Bay EDA staff.

Business Development & Resources Committee
Co-Chair: John McManus, Executive Director, Cushman and Wakefield and Diana Chavez, Business Development Officer, Working Solutions
Staff Support: Luis Aguilar

The Business Development & Resources Committee provides strategic direction for promoting the value of East Bay assets and East Bay EDA to the business community. The Committee promotes the use of research, data, tools, incentives, investment, industry support and cross-sector networking to create opportunities for East Bay business attraction, retention and growth.

Economic Development Directors’ Council
Co-Chair: Micah Hinkle, Economic Development Manager, City of Hayward
Chair-Elect: Kwame Reed, Senior Community Development Analyst, City of Brentwood
Staff Support: Luis Aguilar

The Economic Development Directors’ Council convenes economic development leadership in the East Bay region to create and lead regional strategies that include: business attraction and retention, regional marketing, economic data and analysis, policy reforms to improve the region’s business climate, and sharing best practices/professional development. Members of the Economic Development Directors’ Council are SBDC representatives, unincorporated area County representatives, Workforce Investment Board representatives, and economic development professionals of the city members of East Bay EDA.

Employer Advisory for Education/Workforce Development Committee
Co-Chair: Trina Ostrander, Director, East Bay STEM Institute at CSU East Bay and Judith Wetterer, Communications Director, Wareham Development
Staff Support: Darien Louie, Adrienne Ursino

The Employer Advisory Committee is responsible for increasing productive employer involvement in education and workforce development in the East Bay, and promotes and supports employer-led engagement best practices. This Committee supports efforts to bring resources to the region that enhance job readiness and education that leads to sustainable employment.

International Trade & Investment Committee
Chair: Jim Falaschi, Managing Principal, Vista Real Estate Partners
Staff Support: Darien Louie, Robert Sakai, Luis Aguilar

The International Trade & Investment Committee identifies and promotes policies, strategies and best practices that maximize import/export opportunities for East Bay companies, assistance for foreign-owned companies based in the East Bay, and foreign investment in the East Bay. The Committee also supports the convening of diverse parties to work collaboratively to advance international trade in the East Bay, including international service providers and intermediaries.

Land Use & Infrastructure Committee

Co-Chairs: Art Dao, Executive Director, Alameda County Transportation Commission
Staff Support: Adrienne Ursino

The Land Use & Infrastructure Committee ensures that land use and infrastructure priorities uphold the East Bay’s competitive business climate, maintain efficient transportation and goods movement systems, and contribute to a high quality of life for its workers and residents. The Committee advances and influences the development, approval and execution of a coherent set of regional land use and transportation plans, state and federal legislation, and public and private projects that ensure a livable, sustainable and prosperous future for the East Bay.

Legislation & Advocacy Committee
Co-Chairs: Ed Del Beccaro, Managing Director, East Bay & Silicon Valley, Transwestern and Dr. Buck Koonce, Senior Advisor to the Laboratory Director, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Staff Support: Adrienne Ursino

The primary function of the Legislation and Advocacy Committee is to lend expertise and guide messaging to communicate East Bay EDA’s perspective on important policy matters and ballot measures which may affect regional competitiveness. The Committee reviews proposed legislation and certified ballot measures, and makes recommendations for East Bay EDA’s endorsement. The Committee serves to inform East Bay EDA members of issues of regional significance and encourages participation in shaping policies. The Committee sets guidelines for East Bay EDA’s annual Legislative Reception and Sacramento Day, and develops and maintains relationships with elected officials, governmental representations and regional committees on behalf of East Bay EDA.

Marketing & Communications Committee
Chair: Carol Johnson, Assistant General Manager, East Bay Regional Park District
Staff Support: Adrienne Ursino, David Le

The Marketing & Communications Committee is responsible for identifying and recommending marketing strategies to promote the assets of the East Bay and the value of East Bay EDA. The Committee is responsible for identifying effective communication tools and resources to convey messaging that aligns with East Bay EDA’s mission and vision. Communication strategies may include the East Bay EDA website, social media, featured news stories, research, special events and membership collateral.

Membership Engagement Committee
Co-Chairs: Honorable Karen Stepper, Mayor, Town of Danville & Michael Brown, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Brown, Gee & Wenger LLP
Staff Support: Darien Louie

The Membership Engagement Committee is responsible for identifying and recommending strategies to promote the value of East Bay EDA and opportunities for membership cultivation to enhance member experience and connectedness to East Bay EDA’s work. The Committee strategically seeks cross-sector leadership for East Bay EDA membership and provides key input for East Bay EDA communications.