East Bay Access to Capital


Access to capital is a fundamental step for startups and small businesses to secure funding for their next great idea or product. Here at East Bay EDA, we understand the need for funding that translates entrepreneurial visions into robust and successful business ventures. One of our main goals is to attract and retain business into the region and develop small companies. Growing and successful companies foster job creation, investment opportunities and brings propsperity to our cities and region. We categorized four main capital sources to help entrepreneurs, start up companies and small businesses attain the resouces they need to become viable and sustainable companies. 


Micro-lenders | Gov | Nonprofit | Tax-Exempt Bonds | Commercial | Crowdfunding

Financing or loaning is a traditional source to gain capital for growing businesses. Financing options are varied and diverse in our region. Our list of finance providers include resource information from government programs, nonprofit institutions, commercial providers and micro-lending entities. For startup businesses, EDA has identified funding options for small loans, crowdfunding options and government/nonprofit programs that bridge the gap or help guarantee a future bank loan. Tax exempt bonds are great options because they often offer lower interest rates and longer repayment terms that require a bank guarantee. Navigate through our resource center to find the best possible financing option for your company.



Venture Capital | EB-5 Immigration Loans

Companies interested in investment options can receive support from two main entities and programs. Venture Capital entities typically court up and coming companies with an existing portfolio of operational success and product development. Small and mid level businesses interested in Venture Capital investment can look forward to financial support as well as business management strategies. International individuals and groups interested in investing in a U.S. based company are welcome to apply through the EB-5 Immigration Visa program. Through an initial financial investment, individuals are eligible to receive residency status in the U.S. through the program.


Hiring | Training | Tax Credit

Gain access to valuable tax credits and cash incentives from local, regional and state government programs. Training and hiring incentives typically provide funding for employers to hire and train individuals from select talent pools.