Business Resources

Starting a new company or growing an existing small business can be extremely rewarding and challenging. Here at East Bay EDA, we understand the challenges and have provided a variety of tools and resources to make your business life easier so you can enjoy more rewarding moments of owning a small company. Peruse through our descriptive pages to understand the region’s vast business resource offerings. When you are ready to select a particular resource, navigate to our resource map to see your geographic options or browse our resource data center to download information. 



Incubator | Startup Assistance

Whether your company is growing from a few employees or if your business idea needs space and resources to grow, the East Bay is rich with resources to help launch your next great product. Gain access to services catered to entrepreneurs, incubators and startups. These resources are often provided for free and facilitated by similar businesses in the industry and nonprofit agencies. 



Chambers of Commerce | CityRegional & State | Visitors & Convention

The East Bay has a variety of regional government associations, cities, economic development associations and chambers of commerce. These entities are eager to meet new and existing businesses to provide a myriad of incentives and resources. With the diverse range of attractive locations to do business, these entities are the primary contacts for growing companies here in the East Bay. 


Get Help

Resources Permits & Regulations | International Trade | Research & Development

Financial, processing and logistical hurdles can often cost a company valuable resources and staff time. To save time and money, organizations are here to help you streamline permitting processes, locate research facilities and consult on a variety of business practices to enhance your company's operations. 


Hiring | Training Tax Credit

Along with experiencing a diverse range of quality amenities the East Bay has to offer businesses, companies have access to several financially based incentive programs. These programs are typically related to offsetting the costs of employment and training. learn about the great monetary incentive programs offered through local, regional, state and federal agencies. 

Access to Captial

Access to Capital

Access to Capital is a fundamental step to secure funding for startup and small businesses. Here at East Bay EDA, we understand the need for funding to translate entrepreneurial visions into robust and successful companies. Growing and hiring companies are vital to the economic succes of the region to stimulate jobs, promote investment and bring prosperity to cities and regions. We categorized four main funding capital sources to help entrepreneurs, small businesses and startups attain the resources they need to become viable and sustainable companies in the region.