Our Region At a Glance

Quick Facts

Population (2018): 2.8 million

  • The East Bay comprises 36% of the total population in the 9-county Bay Area. Over the last decade, the East Bay's population increased by almost 300,000. 
  • Nearly 45% of the East Bay's population aged 25 and older had a bachelor's degree or higher, compared to 33% statewide.
  • The median household income in Alameda County was $96,300 and $95,300 in Contra Costa County, compared to $67,170 statewide.

Employment (2019): 1.19 million

  • Since 2014, the East Bay accounted for nearly 30% of total job growth in the 9-County Bay Area.
  • Regional-serving sectors such as health care and education make up 20% of employment in the East Bay, followed by professional and business services (15%). Manufacturing comprised about 8% of total jobs.
  • The fastest-growing sectors in the last 5 years were transportation and warehousing (5.6%), construction (4.9%), manufacturing (4.8%), information (4.2%) and accommodation and food services (3.6%).

 Unemployment Rate (2019): 3.4%

  • The statewide unemployment rate was 4.3% as of March 2019.